Reading is the foundation of all knowledge.  The worlds knowledge has accumulated in the written word and reading is the key to tapping into this amazing resource.

Reading begins with phonics, the study of sounds. Each letter or letter combination represents a different sound. An excellent phonics course is necessary to learn how to read well.  A2 Curriculum included a great phonics product that will help you teach your children to read fluently.

Once the basic sounds have been learned, your child will need to practice, practice and practice. A² Curriculum uses the McGuffey’s Readers. They are excellent. Seven volumes take you from very simple words through Shakespeare.

We also have One Syllable Books, Books that greatly elevate your child’s reading level.  A child’s understanding vocabulary far exceeds their reading vocabulary.  One syllable books are books where every word with more that one syllable is broken into single syllables separated by hyphens.  This allows a child to read words like Washington (Wash-ing-ton) or rappahannock (rap-pah-an-nock) with relative ease.

The fact that A2 comes with nearly 800 books on the CD means that there will be no shortage of excellent books for your children to read.