One of the best benefits of home schooling is the flexibility it affords.  Today my family had the opportunity to learn how important running water is to our living standard.  While others may have celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. day by sleeping in we were greeted at our front door by a city worker letting us know the water main on our street had broken and they were about to shut off the water for half the day.  We hurriedly filled all our pitchers and water bottles to stock up for the day, and washed some last minute breakfast dishes.  After I set out some hand sanitizer in strategic places, we were all set for the day.  I am so grateful for the forewarning from the city worker.

The morning went really smoothly without water, but I took the opportunity to point out all the things affected by the change of pace.  I pointed out we’d need to heat the water on the stove if we wanted hot water to wash our face and hands after we eat, or have a pitcher of water in the fridge if we wanted cold water to drink; how we were to not use certain appliances, like the washing machine, until we had water back.  It turned into an enjoyable morning activity that led to, at least myself, having a more full gratitude for the era we live in and the running water we now have back.

What moments of opportunity have you found?

Written by Rocky, special contributor.  Feel free to email her through the contact page.