One News Now is reporting:

The Senate is expected to take up the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child.  

The effort is a dangerous treaty for the family, according to pediatrician Rosemary Stein of Burlington, North Carolina, and a spokesperson for the Christian Medical Association (CMA).

“It takes away the parents’ rights to rear their child and gives it to the government,” she explains. “The government becomes the caretaker and the guardian, and the parent becomes the babysitter. Another way to define it would be ‘the government takeover of our children.'”

Exploding Bottles:

It has been reported that somebody is leaving “bottle bombs” in peoples yards.  These are ordinary plastic bottles filled with water, draino (sodium hydroxide) and aluminum foil.  When agitated a chemical reaction takes place separating the oxygen from the hydrogen in the water and it generates heat.

Heat, oxygen and hydrogen create an explosive codition.  It is likely to explode in your hands. The explosion is dangerous and the liquid is lie.  This would not be a fun experience.
If you find a plastic bottle in your yard don’t pick it up without examining it first.  If it is filled with a clear liquid and anything that looks like aluminum, don’t touch it.

Here is a video.