Winston’s Wisdom

Some see capitalism as a cow to be milked, others as thief to be shot but few see it as the sturdy horse pulling the wagon.

                    Winston Churchill

Historic or Horrific

The reactions of the American people to the passage of the health reform act were very different.  Indeed this was a historic event, but was it an historic event like Neil Armstrong walking on the moon or was it closer to Pearl Harbor?

In the early 1900’s some pharmaceutical companies made massive financial grants to medical schools.  They granted this money for more than a decade with no apparent strings attached.  One day the other shoe dropped. If the medical schools wanted to continue to receive money they would have to teach medicine the way the companies wanted them to teach it.  As a result all other schools of thought for medicine disappeared; only the Chiropractic school of thought survived and only just barely.

In 1979 Jimmy Carter signed Title IX legislation (anti sex discrimination).  Title IX cuts off federal funding to all schools, public and private, that received federal funding unless they agreed to abide by the edicts of Title IX.  These institutions had become dependent upon government money and had no choice but to comply.  The government even tried to force universities that did not accept any government money to comply with title IX.

Those who become dependent lose their freedom.

What does this have to do with health care?  Plenty! With the passage of this bill every American will be dependent upon the government for their medical needs.

Every critic of the government will think twice before speaking out.  What if they get sick?  What if they have a sick child?  All it takes is a misplaced file and it is over, you don’t get the care you need and could die.

Health care is irresistible bait.  We all need it. Our heart goes out to those in need. You can’t argue against it without appearing insensitive. We all want to be giving people, it is in our nature. But nationalized health care is bait in a trap.

In time elections become formalities and we end up living with an elected dictatorship.


As a free American:

  • I decide who my doctor is.
  • I decide if I have insurance.
  • I decide how much insurance I want.
  • As a free American I decide.

What is the difference between freedom and a dictatorship?  Simple:  It is who makes the decisions.

In Obama’s America:

  • Obama dictates who the CEO of GM is.
  • Obama dictates that you will have insurance.
  • Obama dictates how much that insurance will cost.
  • Obama dictates Wall Street executive compensation.
  • Obama dictates what light bulbs you will use.

Free people control their government.  Thanks to health care the government now has the ability to control us. For somebody who is not a dictator, President Obama sure does a lot of dictating. Is this the change you wanted?

Most people have been taught that Communism and Socialism are on the far left and that Nazism and Fascism are on the far right.  Based on what?


It is more accurate to think of this in terms of government power with zero power on the far right and total power on the left.  When a government is too weak or small we have anarchy (think French Revolution).  Our own government was too weak under the Articles of Confederation.  The central government had no power to collect taxes from the states and foreign governments got our ports into a bidding war.  We had a kind of anarchy. We almost lost the Revolutionary War because of it.

As government power increases anarchy decreases; however, if government gets too strong we end up with tyranny.  Tyranny can take many forms. Prince John of Robin Hood fame created tyrannical conditions with his high taxes.  King George of England did the same thing with his Stamp Act and other treatment of the colonies.

The founding Fathers knew that freedom only exists between anarchy and tyranny.  They knew the government must be strong enough to prevent anarchy and strictly limited in power so as to prevent tyranny.  That is why they gave us a list of things the government is allowed to do (Article 1 Section 8). That is the tolerance zone.

The colonists rebelled against taxation without representation.  When you have representatives who go against the will of the people and vote for a bill strongly opposed by a large majority, do you even have representation?  Who was congress representing when they passed the health care reform act?

What do dictators always do when they come to power?

  • Control the news media.
  • Control the schools.
  • Outlaw guns.
  • Impose national health care.

What are those who are in power doing now?

  • Attempting to control talk radio and the Internet (fairness doctrine & net neutrality).
  • They already control the schools.
  • They want to outlaw guns.
  • They just nationalized health care.

Economic Impacts

Many have stated that this is the worst economy since the Great Depression.  This is not quite true.  It is the worst since Jimmy Carter. We had double digit inflation, unemployment and interest rates with no end in sight. High energy costs were crippling our economy.  Our industries were shutting down.

What turned it around? Conservatives would like to say that it was the Reagan tax cuts. It was not. It was bribery. Reagan offered Saudi Arabia, Israel and Egypt three billion dollars a year in foreign aid if they would stop fighting, buy American weapons and if Saudi Arabia would open up the oil spigot and provide us with cheap oil.

It worked. Reagan had an ulterior motive. The USSR financed their military complex from oil revenues but transportation costs were killing them. They needed a southern sea port so they invaded Afghanistan with the intent of building a pipeline to the Indian Ocean.  Both Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan were right to resist this.  When Saudi Arabia opened up the oil spigot it forced oil prices below the USSR’s production costs. Reagan succeeded in shutting off their military funding.

When Reagan cranked up our own military complex in the greatest peace time military build up in history, the USSR could not keep up. Reagan introduced SDI (Star Wars).  We didn’t have the technology but the USSR didn’t know that. It was a bluff. Reagan was threatening to render the entire Soviet nuclear arsenal obsolete.  The liberals were going nuts warning us that this was a very dangerous path that would certainly lead to war.

Finally the USSR collapsed under the burden and they ceased to exist except on the ash heap of history. Reagan destroyed one of the greatest empires in history without firing a shot by bankrupting them.

Cap and trade will be Jimmy Carter squared.  It will drive energy prices high enough to make $4.40 a gallon gasoline a fond memory.  It will shut down entire industries.

Social Security is bankrupt and has $70 trillion in unfunded mandates. Medicare is bankrupt and has trillions more that it cannot pay. The national debt is over $12 trillion. It’s past time to stop digging.

If you set out to commit financial suicide what would you do?  Maximize your debt?  Incur as many financial obligations as possible?  Quit your job?  Stop paying your bills? 

The wagon being pulled by that sturdy horse of capitalism is already overloaded.  We cannot afford to pay for what we are doing today. So what do Obama and Congress do?  They load health care on the already overloaded wagon, and then they hobble that sturdy horse with Cap and Trade. That economic wagon of state is going nowhere. Can anyone show how Obama’s economic policies differ in any regard from a plan to commit financial suicide?

What happens if America suffers a financial collapse?  Don’t think it could happen to us?  Neither did the USSR, GM or Chrysler.  They never saw it coming.

There are several options.  None are pretty.

  1. We print money and cause hyper inflation.
  2. Our government totally collapses and we end up living under anarchy.
  3. We borrow more money from China and become dependent on them and subject to their tender mercies.

How do we get out of this?

The first rule of holes: “When you find yourself in one, stop digging.

We empty the wagon where possible and remove the hobbles from the horse.

Start drilling for oil here so we can stop paying people who want to kill us for oil. (Two Million Jobs)

Start building nuclear power plants.  We need the power and if the French can do it safely we certainly can. (2 million more jobs)

Deal with illegal immigration. They drive down wages for unskilled workers, are a major drain on government funds, overload our public schools and drive up medical costs in our emergency rooms. They hold between five and ten million jobs that American citizens should have.

We must pass a balanced budget amendment.

But there is something else we must do first: We must remove every congressman who voted for Obama Care as they are either enemies of freedom or useful idiots.

They have sworn an oath to defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.  It is doubtful that they will keep that oath and fire themselves, so we must do it for them.

As Benjamin Franklin left Independence Hall a woman asked; “What have you given us?”  His reply; “A Republic Mame, If you can keep it.”  I just want to know if we can get it back?

“…I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death.”

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