Homeschooling Family Sends Six Children to College before age Twelve.

Anyone who has homeschooled for long comes to realize that this lifestyle can be controversial.  People are always questioning your sanity. Sometimes we question our own sanity.  Homeschooling can be tremendously successful and the converse is also true.

A family in Alabama with a dozen children seems to have nailed the formula. They make learning fun. It must be working. They have sent six of their children off to college before age twelve.

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Airport Security

By now you have all probably heard about the invasive searches engaged in by TSA.  Because one person planted explosive in his shoes we are all forced to remove our shoes at the airport.  Because one guy attempted to set of a bomb in his underwear, TSA decided to use xRay scanning devices that render the subject nude.

TSA is searching for anything that could be used as a weapon or turned into a weapon.  They are not searching for terrorists. This is akin to searching for and arresting a gun but not the criminal.

The Wall Street Journal has an excellent video on what Israel does. They have not had a successful terrorist attack on one of their airplanes in more than 30 years. They use ethnic profiling and it takes less time than our pathetic, ineffective methods.

It is time we start looking for terrorists.  We have a good description of what they look like.  They are all swarthy looking middle eastern men and they are all members of the same religion.  They are Muslim.

Israel has a very effective system.  Any intelligent nation would follow their example.

Have we become so politically correct that we are willing to subject our wives and daughters to state mandated molestation rather than actually seeking the terrorists?

In The News

One News Now is reporting:

The Senate is expected to take up the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child.  

The effort is a dangerous treaty for the family, according to pediatrician Rosemary Stein of Burlington, North Carolina, and a spokesperson for the Christian Medical Association (CMA).

“It takes away the parents’ rights to rear their child and gives it to the government,” she explains. “The government becomes the caretaker and the guardian, and the parent becomes the babysitter. Another way to define it would be ‘the government takeover of our children.'”

Exploding Bottles:

It has been reported that somebody is leaving “bottle bombs” in peoples yards.  These are ordinary plastic bottles filled with water, draino (sodium hydroxide) and aluminum foil.  When agitated a chemical reaction takes place separating the oxygen from the hydrogen in the water and it generates heat.

Heat, oxygen and hydrogen create an explosive codition.  It is likely to explode in your hands. The explosion is dangerous and the liquid is lie.  This would not be a fun experience.
If you find a plastic bottle in your yard don’t pick it up without examining it first.  If it is filled with a clear liquid and anything that looks like aluminum, don’t touch it.

Here is a video.