I spend a great deal of time volunteering for some local groups. One of my favorite is the Pacific Ballroom Dance Company. This is an amazing group of ballroom dancers. Almost 100% of the kids are Christian and attend church regularly. There are many home schooling families involved.

The leaders of this organization go out of their way to make sure that nothing inappropriate happens. Costumes are kept modest and anything that looks even close to sexually suggestive is choreographed out of the dances.

On August 28, 2010, the Pacific Ballroom Dance Company teamed up with the Rainier Youth Choirs (another group with many homeschoolers and very religious as well) and infiltrated a local shopping village (Kent Station in Kent, WA) and started to perform.

We worked with the management of the shopping village and made a video recording. I was on the roof. My wife ran one of the cameras on the ground. A friend (Eric Esteb) ran a third camera and did the editing.

I hope that you enjoy it…