Top Reasons To Home School Your Children

  1. Studies show that home-schooled children average between the 80th and 90th percentile, regardless of the socio-economic background, or educational level of the parents.
  2.  Great student teacher ratio.
  3.  Very good communication between the student, teacher and parents.
  4.  The student can’t lie about their homework.
  5.  With a class size of one, they can’t copy anybody else’s work.
  6.  The curriculum is in perfect agreement with the values of the parents.
  7.  The children will not bring bad habits home from school.
  8.  The pace of learning will be geared to the ability of each child, not the lowest common denominator.
  9.  You don’t have to fix lunch in the morning.
  10.  Children will be better adjusted socially if they don’t learn social skills from the street gangs.
  11.  Without peer pressure, they learn to think for themselves, not just parrot what the “group wants to hear”.
  12.  Every educator agrees that parental involvement is the key to success in a child’s education. How could one be more involved?
  13. Your child will never be “just a number” in the classroom.