On August 15, 1971 Richard Nixon imposed a 90 day wage price freeze with a simple wave of his hand. It used to be that governments could not create money out of nothing. They had to at least pay for paper and ink and go to the trouble of printing the money. Today it is a simple matter of changing a number in a computer.

What if we had a President who decided that it would be a good thing to just double the money that everyone had and so with the wave of his hand he ordered all financial institutions to double the balance in every checking and savings account? The only thing this would do is turn every dollar into a 50 cent piece.

Money is not wealth. Wealth is created with hard work.

There are wealth producing activities and wealth consuming activities.  Virtually 100% of all wealth is created in the private sector, usually in manufacturing, mining and agriculture.  Government consumes wealth and has a ravenous appetite.  Creating a government job just deprives the private sector of the wealth it requires to create more wealth and transfers it to the government where it is destroyed. To put is simply, this is why you cannot rebuild an economy with government jobs. Any recovery must take place in the private sector.