By now you have all probably heard about the invasive searches engaged in by TSA.  Because one person planted explosive in his shoes we are all forced to remove our shoes at the airport.  Because one guy attempted to set of a bomb in his underwear, TSA decided to use xRay scanning devices that render the subject nude.

TSA is searching for anything that could be used as a weapon or turned into a weapon.  They are not searching for terrorists. This is akin to searching for and arresting a gun but not the criminal.

The Wall Street Journal has an excellent video on what Israel does. They have not had a successful terrorist attack on one of their airplanes in more than 30 years. They use ethnic profiling and it takes less time than our pathetic, ineffective methods.

It is time we start looking for terrorists.  We have a good description of what they look like.  They are all swarthy looking middle eastern men and they are all members of the same religion.  They are Muslim.

Israel has a very effective system.  Any intelligent nation would follow their example.

Have we become so politically correct that we are willing to subject our wives and daughters to state mandated molestation rather than actually seeking the terrorists?