Curriculum Features

  • 800 printable books/materials on CD
  • Searchable Text
  • 13 years of education
  • Scores of classic books
  • Enhanced learning without worksheets
  • Classical Education based on the trivium
  • Hundreds of historic illustrations
  • Produces Independent learners
  • Uses methods proven successful for centuries
  • Designed to produce leaders
  • Simple, intuitive user interface.
  • One Syllable Books

Thank you so much A2

When our adopted daughter came to live with us at age 14 she could not read anything but picture books.  She attended three high schools; however, none were able to “fill the gaps” so we determined that homeschooling was the only way we could “catch her up.”
We started at Kindergarten on the CD.  She is making her way through the entire program.  She works independently most of the time…She says things such as, “Why didn’t anyone teach me this before?…This is really good!…I get it now!… Can you believe how fast I got through that book?…Remember when I couldn’t even Spell?” etc.
She is now 18.  What a difference A2 has made.  When she came to live with us she had very few references to draw on.  Now she can share a joke, a quip, a quote and nobody has to explain it to her.  She is planning on attending nursing school and the world!
Thank you for your CD and all of the research, energy, thought and prayer that went into it.  We appreciate you for providing this valuable product.  It works. It is not complicated, it is full of the best information and it is so portable!

Thank you so very much!


Richard, Janet, Ashly, Kimberly and Michael