In 1999 it became evident that the Stone family needed to homeschool their youngest two children.  They were getting left behind in the public schools and the over worked teachers simply could not provide the individual attention these young girls required.  I had heard Dr. Art Robinson on a local radio station talking about his self teaching curriculum, and heard another experienced homeschooler speak highly of the program.  We bought his curriculum.

In practice it was more than my non-technical wife wanted to deal with.  Fumbling with 22 CDs was not her idea of fun.  I emailed Dr. Robinson and suggested that he do OCR on the books and they would all probably fit onto a single CD.  I received no response.

I decided to do it myself.  We used many of the books that Dr. Robinson used; however, there was only about a 30% overlap.  Two year and thousands of hours of work later A2 Curriculum was born.

Now after more that 15 years of publishing and selling A2 Curriculum we have sold tens of thousands of copies, educated thousands of children and impacted countless lives. But all good things must come to an end.

I am retiring in the near future and shutting down my businesses.  I have given this business to one of my daughters and her husband.  She is an artist and seamstress (designs and makes her own patterns) and he is a web developer and has his MBA.  They have a bit too much going on in their lives at present and will not be able to immediately take over the business.

A2 Curriculum is going away, at least for a while.

It may come back as a new incarnation.  I also gave them a web domain I registered and have been saving for years:

I hope each of you had a Merry Christmas and have a Blessed New Year.


Paul R. Stone
Creator of A2 Curriculum